About Sara Cortiula

Freelance Digital entrepreneur.Trilingual Italian-French, English, I promote business online and I create websites’ content.

I studied and began my career in Paris working in many areas of the high fashion industry. I’ve been a Fashion designer, a Creative director, a PR Event planning assistant, a Communication manager and from 2004 and 2012, I’ve built two successful companies in the fashion industry leading them to notoriety, a ready-to-wear Brand, T_O SEV_N, in Belgium, and a multi brand store in Italy, ConceptStore.


Since 2016, I’m providing services in responsive Websites and online content creation because this has become my real passion:

– I can work from many places with people of different cultures,

– I can maximize my professional development,

– and I collaborate with a fantastic team!


As an entrepreneur I can understand your role because I know what it takes to start a business, and how effectively communicate it online with your clients.

Keep your business ahead the curve in a global marketplace.



Once we have identified your target market, it is much easier to figure out how to fulfill your company’s website objectives.


The right images paired with the right content writing give your website a unique personality, it establishes your distinctive position in the market and attracts the right customers.


Customer satisfaction is a key element in building successful websites. Strategic original solutions increase brand awareness and help your business thrive.